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Alchemist – by Paolo Coelho July 6, 2009

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Alchemist most probably the most mentioned book of Paolo. not sure whether it’s his first book but it certainly the book that brought his name to the best seller list.

it’s about a boy that like to travel and sees the world and what an adventure he had. he was in a church school about to be become a priest when he decided that he wants to become a shepherd because only a shepherd that can travel at that time.

his story got more interesting after he met the King. not sure who he really is. but he was very knowledgeable and pushed the boy to go seek his treasure. because you see, he has been dreaming that he will find treasure at egypt near the pyramids.

the boy, who’s name we never find out, sets off to the foreign land where he met more adventures. the story really was about a young man that goes to find his dream which most of us will never do. most of us would already find what is the comfort zone and will stay there. once in a while we might have some ideas of what we want to do, but most often than not, we will not do anything about it.

but the boy, well, after much coaxing from the king, sets out to sell all his cattles and with it, he sets out to find his dream. he’s lucky because he had someone that pushed him to do the right thing.

the Alchemist is a man that has mastered the art of making gold from lead and he became like the ultimate teacher to meet. sort of like Nabi Khidr for the sufi practitioner. he’s a man that you want to meet to seal your knowledge. a man that can give you the ultimate guide.

during the boy’s adventure, he was lucky enough to meet the meet the Alchemist, again, we don’t know his name. the Alchemist had become his guide and showed him that it is really possible to change lead to gold.

what I like about Paolo’s books is how the way he put across the teachings. it’s really like it’s coming from an erudite master. you know, the one where the teacher would say some cryptic advise in a short sentence or in a few words. it is true that when a master or sage person gives his advise, they don’t rely on many words. sometimes, it would take the students years to understand the true meaning of the teachings.

looking forward to read more of Paolo’s book. this is the second book that i’ve read of his books.


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