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Transformers – rise of the fallen July 4, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 4:33 am

last weekend managed to watch this ‘wajib tonton’ film. this was when i was in genting.

been looking forward to watch the movie. the first one was a blast and who wouldn’t look forward to it?

though many is happy and liked the movie very much, I found it a bit of a let down. there were elements that I don’t particularly like. for example, what with the twin robots which were supposedly funny? it’s not a bit endearing to me. this is supposed to be a serious movie, man.

the romanticism was fine with me. whenever megan foxx wants to soapy and felt vulnerable is fine with me. sam witwiky is one cool dude. funny, but cool.

some of the characters in the movie did not go through the proper character building. I mean, we did not get to know them that much. so it is hard to relate to them. like most of new robots. for example, the lady robot. what’s up with that? how can a robot became so humanlike?

i think that i’ve grown out of robot changing into cars, plane and helicopter, i guess. sigh.. hate when that hapens.


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