farewell to Yasmin

it’s a sad day to malaysian to learn that the storyteller Yasmin Ahmad has passed on. she had a stroke the other day and she was in a coma for two days.

I love all her movies. she has a different outlook to life and she was not afraid to air it. I’m also an avid reader of her blog. I would miss that a lot.

i’ve never met personally, though i’ve seen her life somewhere near petronas towers. but from those that has been touched by her, had all the good stories about her to tell.

i’m not a big fan of malaysian movies and those that knows me can vouched for that. some would say that i’m not patriotic of me not to support malaysian movies. but Yasmin’s movies has always been a favourite of mine.

rest in peace, dear storyteller.


from dust to dust…

teringat ustaz saya pernah cakap yang kita dijadikan dari tanah dan kita mesti selalu sentuh tanah. Kalau tiga hari tak sentuh tanah, dah jadi out of sync. dan tak elok tinggal atau kerja tempat tinggi Sebab itu element angin.

so I had my first barefoot walk at home today and hope that I would remember to do it often.

We are Marshall

this movie was based on a real story. a town was rent senseless when a group of their college football players and supporters died in an airplane crash. the town mourned and mourned for a long time. after all, they have lost sons, husbands and fiances to the crash.

but like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, they managed to pull through. with what? another football team.

now I don’t know whether this is really the reason why they managed to pull through but in this movie, it was about how the team instilled back the life to the town. it was not easy in the first place, where it was like bringing back the dead, but somehow that’s what happened.

I don’t really understand the game, but the americans really love it. this is the only game I think that is not played outside the states hence the name: american football.

but I like the the coach played by …. who was determined that the game is on no matter what. I like the scene where he asked the president of the university whether he proposed to his wife over the phone. because the president had tried without success to get an approval for the football team when he tried calling the powers that be. face to face meeting is better. it is easier for people to refuse to help you when you asked over the phone. but when you see him, that’s a different thing. i’ll remember that when I need to ask someone’s help.

all in all, it’s a bit of a slow movie for me. not much interesting scenes to watch.

A Beautiful Method to Find Peace of Mind

Post written by Leo Babauta. culled from Zen habits

How many times have you gotten upset because someone wasn’t doing their job, because your child isn’t behaving, because your partner or friend isn’t living up to his or her end of the bargain?
How many times have you been irritated when someone doesn’t do things the way you’re used to? Or when you’ve planned something carefully and things didn’t go as you’d hoped?
This kind of anger and irritation happens to all of us — it’s part of the human experience.
One thing that irritates me is when people talk during a movie. Or cut me off in traffic. Or don’t wash their dishes after eating. Actually, I have a lot of these little annoyances — don’t we all?
And it isn’t always easy to find peace when you’ve become upset or irritated.
Let me let you in on a little secret to finding peace of mind: see the glass as already broken.
See, the cause of our stress, anger and irritation is that things don’t go the way we like, the way we expect them to. Think of how many times this has been true for you.
And so the solution is simple: expect things to go wrong, expect things to be different than we hoped or planned, expect the unexpected to happen. And accept it.
One quick example: on our recent trip to Japan, I told my kids to expect things to go wrong — they always do on a trip. I told them, “See it as part of the adventure.”
And this worked like a charm. When we inevitably took the wrong train on a foreign-language subway system, or when it rained on the day we went to Disney Sea, or when we took three trains and walked 10 blocks only to find the National Children’s Castle closed on Mondays … they said, “It’s part of the adventure!” And it was all OK — we didn’t get too bothered.
So when the nice glass you bought inevitably falls and breaks, someday, you might get upset. But not if you see the glass as already broken, from the day you get it. You know it’ll break someday, so from the beginning, see it as already broken. Be a time-traveler, or someone with time-traveling vision, and see the future of this glass, from this moment until it inevitably breaks.
And when it breaks, you won’t be upset or sad — because it was already broken, from the day you got it. And you’ll realize that every moment you have with it is precious.
Expect your child to mess up — all children do. And don’t get so upset when they mess up, when they don’t do what they’re “supposed” to do … because they’re supposed to mess up.
Expect your partner to be less than perfect.
Expect your friend to not show up sometimes.
Expect things to go not according to plan.
Expect people to be rude sometimes.
Expect coworkers not to come through sometimes.
Expect roommates not to wash their dishes or pick up their clothes, sometimes.
Expect the glass to break.
And accept it.
You won’t change these inevitable facts — they will happen, eventually. And if you expect it to happen — even see it as already happening, before it happens — you won’t get so upset.
You won’t overreact. You’ll respond appropriately, but not overreact. You can talk to the person about their behavior, and ask them kindly to consider your feelings when they do this … but you won’t get overly emotional and blow things out of proportion.
You’ll smile, and think, “I expected that to happen. The glass was already broken. And I accept that.”
You’ll have peace of mind. And that, my friends, is a welcome surprise.

badan tak sihat

hari ni tetiba badan sejuk sejuk dan lemah sangat. rasa memang nak demam. tapi bila pegi klinik, check punya check, takde masalah sangat. mungkin cebisan cebisan dari minggu lepas tak habis katanya. ishh, tak best sungguh punya jawapan. tak memberansangkan langsung.

yang ak risau, naper badan aku jadi lagu ni? dalam menjaga kesihatan, makan itu dan ini, exercise bagai nak rak, sakit jugak.

yang merasa nikmat kesihatan itu, hanyalah orang sakit juga. kalau kita tak sakit, camner nak tahu nikmat sihat tu. Allah nak ingatkan aku nikmat kesihatan yang selalu aku kecapi, tapi tak bersyukur kot. jangan jadi macam firaun. dengarnya diadakan dulu tak pernah jatuh sakit. tu yang berlagak nak jadi tuhan tu gamaknya.

semoga aku dapat mengingati nikmat kesihatan lepas ni.

Sweeney Todd – Demon Barber from Fleet Street

Now I know that most probably most of you have watched this movie. but usually I’m a bit late in catching up with less than box office movie because I don’t have the time to watch it when it came out. but if it’s a box office movie, like Transformers, Batman, Harry Porter etc, there’s a safe bet that I would catch it on the cinema.

Aku tengok movie ni sebab ada Johny Depp, the ultra cool guy. aku dah agak dah movie ni memang ganaz, tapi kira okay la. kalau bebudak tengok, tak elok jugak. nanti takut pulak dorang nak pegi gunting rambut lepas tengok citer ni. barber tu bawak keluar jer pisau dia tu, dorang dah jerit dah nanti.

The movie is about vengeance. ohh, how a man would concentrate so much on his vengeance that he would care about anything else. Vengeance will always be on the man’s mind for those that has enough vengeance. there are those that would act on it, and those that might not do it. they might bid their time. or they might forget it altogether. me, i don’t have any vengeance on anyone at all. let me check.. hmmm, nope.

Dan jugak pasal tindakan melulu yang kengkadang akan menyebabkan kita rasa menyesal tak sudah. kalau buat perkara tak usul periksa. pakai lenjan jer. lepas tu, barulah tau yang apa yang kita dah buat tu, lagi menyusahkan dan menyedihkan kita. mr todd dalam citer ni, tanpa usul periksa, telah membunuh isterinya sendiri yang dia ingatkan adalah perempuan gila. padahal, perempuan itulah yang diingatinya sepanjang 15 tahun dia dalam penjara. perempuan itulah yang menyebabkan dia tidak memikirkan lagi kehidupannya, kecuali untuk membalas dendam kepada judge yang telah menyalahgunakan kuasanya untuk memenjarakan Todd.


Alchemist – by Paolo Coelho

Alchemist most probably the most mentioned book of Paolo. not sure whether it’s his first book but it certainly the book that brought his name to the best seller list.

it’s about a boy that like to travel and sees the world and what an adventure he had. he was in a church school about to be become a priest when he decided that he wants to become a shepherd because only a shepherd that can travel at that time.

his story got more interesting after he met the King. not sure who he really is. but he was very knowledgeable and pushed the boy to go seek his treasure. because you see, he has been dreaming that he will find treasure at egypt near the pyramids.

the boy, who’s name we never find out, sets off to the foreign land where he met more adventures. the story really was about a young man that goes to find his dream which most of us will never do. most of us would already find what is the comfort zone and will stay there. once in a while we might have some ideas of what we want to do, but most often than not, we will not do anything about it.

but the boy, well, after much coaxing from the king, sets out to sell all his cattles and with it, he sets out to find his dream. he’s lucky because he had someone that pushed him to do the right thing.

the Alchemist is a man that has mastered the art of making gold from lead and he became like the ultimate teacher to meet. sort of like Nabi Khidr for the sufi practitioner. he’s a man that you want to meet to seal your knowledge. a man that can give you the ultimate guide.

during the boy’s adventure, he was lucky enough to meet the meet the Alchemist, again, we don’t know his name. the Alchemist had become his guide and showed him that it is really possible to change lead to gold.

what I like about Paolo’s books is how the way he put across the teachings. it’s really like it’s coming from an erudite master. you know, the one where the teacher would say some cryptic advise in a short sentence or in a few words. it is true that when a master or sage person gives his advise, they don’t rely on many words. sometimes, it would take the students years to understand the true meaning of the teachings.

looking forward to read more of Paolo’s book. this is the second book that i’ve read of his books.