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Genting June 29, 2009

Filed under: Diary,work — visitor74 @ 6:58 am

went to genting for the weekend with group office. it has been since i went there. there were memories of the visits.

genting was more meriah than the last time i remember. it is true that it’s the city of entertainmet. if you care for it, that is.

going there was not that easy. my car has been a bit sick lately. was waiting for the major service to settle that. but the drive up exacerbate the situation. now it is really sick. got no time to bring it to the service center. but it seems that i have to make the time. continue waiting might make it totally wreck and we don’t want that to haappen.

though i’m not a hedonist, i would like to go to genting, again. to just relax there, and look at those people that come there to find happiness.

and i can’t help it but wonder about the late mr. goh tong. what a legacy that he left. it’s lke a diferent city altogether. and to remember that when he came, he only have the cloth on his back. and look what genting is now.

but it is not a place to fall sick. my wife was not feeing well and we had to go to the clinic. but the service was not good. it seemed like they don’t want serve us. only one doctor to serve everyone and that’s not enough. we met a couple who’s wife having heart problem. she has beeb waiting for a long time and it pains me to watch her suffer in tears.


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