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ode to paklang June 24, 2009

Filed under: Diary,Family — visitor74 @ 11:40 pm

love create a memory noone can steal. death leaves a pain noone can heal.

i blogged couple of weeks ago about paklang and his deteriorting health. since then, he was quickly gaining his health. it was good news. he started eating soft foods, can comunicate and can sit down.

but last sunday, i received a call from abg own that paklang past away. alfatihah. the call was at 4 in the morning. immediately i feared the worst. i rushed over to Penang and luckily managed to attend the burial.

the family took it well. guess they already expected it because paklang already lost connsciousness two days prior to that.

until i had lunch with maklang. halfway through the meal, she let out a cry. from now on, there is no husband to have together. no husband who likes to crack jokes with those that met him.

may Allah blessed him and put him together with those blessed by Him.


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