lepas naik genting weekend hari tu, dah kereta buat hal. tetiba enjin jerking dan mengaum enjinnya. gear ada problem dan keluarlah error log nih:

dan maklumat mengatakan automatic gearbox ada problem! alamak, gearbox bukan calang punya benda nak kena repair ni.

semalam pegi service center, rupanya memang kereta aku dah kena recall sebab ada problem ni. so selamat duit nak bayar aganya berbelas atau berpuluh ribu untuk repair sendiri.

tapi, kena tunggu sebulan untuk repair! erkk, sebulan aku pakai kereta pakai gear 3 jer? hu hu, tension…



went to genting for the weekend with group office. it has been since i went there. there were memories of the visits.

genting was more meriah than the last time i remember. it is true that it’s the city of entertainmet. if you care for it, that is.

going there was not that easy. my car has been a bit sick lately. was waiting for the major service to settle that. but the drive up exacerbate the situation. now it is really sick. got no time to bring it to the service center. but it seems that i have to make the time. continue waiting might make it totally wreck and we don’t want that to haappen.

though i’m not a hedonist, i would like to go to genting, again. to just relax there, and look at those people that come there to find happiness.

and i can’t help it but wonder about the late mr. goh tong. what a legacy that he left. it’s lke a diferent city altogether. and to remember that when he came, he only have the cloth on his back. and look what genting is now.

but it is not a place to fall sick. my wife was not feeing well and we had to go to the clinic. but the service was not good. it seemed like they don’t want serve us. only one doctor to serve everyone and that’s not enough. we met a couple who’s wife having heart problem. she has beeb waiting for a long time and it pains me to watch her suffer in tears.


baru dapat tau MJ (bukan Mak Janda) Michael Jackson meninggal dunia. alfatihah.
dia masuk islam a while ago.

dia ni icon bukan hanya dalam industry music sahaja, tapi rasanya semua orang kenal dia. whether they like it or not. sebab dah lama sangat dia ni menyanyi.

despite his quirkiness and his stories (good and bad), I hope that he will Rest in Peace.

ode to paklang

love create a memory noone can steal. death leaves a pain noone can heal.

i blogged couple of weeks ago about paklang and his deteriorting health. since then, he was quickly gaining his health. it was good news. he started eating soft foods, can comunicate and can sit down.

but last sunday, i received a call from abg own that paklang past away. alfatihah. the call was at 4 in the morning. immediately i feared the worst. i rushed over to Penang and luckily managed to attend the burial.

the family took it well. guess they already expected it because paklang already lost connsciousness two days prior to that.

until i had lunch with maklang. halfway through the meal, she let out a cry. from now on, there is no husband to have together. no husband who likes to crack jokes with those that met him.

may Allah blessed him and put him together with those blessed by Him.

hari ayah

esok hari bapa. ayah bukan jenis yang mengharapkan anaknya mengucapkan selamat hari bapa. in fact, esok hari bapa pun dia mungkin tak tahu.

ayah sekarang tak berapa sihat. i always remember him as a very strong man. sebab kerja keras di sawah padi dari muda lagi. sampai sekarang pun ayah kerja lagi. dah suruh dia berenti meniaga tapi tak mau jugak.

ayah seorang yang selalunya senyap tapi pelawak juga. always cracking jokes with the close friends ad relatives. tapi seorang yang emo jugak. kalau jumpa adik beradik dia, mesti masa nak berpisah, peluk cium dan nabgis nangis sikit. tak taulah apa perit jerih yang dorang dah lalui bersama. apa yang saya nampak, adik adik dia respect betul kat ayah. mesti ada cerita.

ayah sekarang anak abang paling tua selepas abang sulongnya meninggal a few years back.

ayah sangat penyayang dengan caranya sendiri. not very expressive but you can see his concerns. kalau lama tak call tu, mesti dia risau. takde hal nak cerita pun, kena call jugak tanya khabar dan inform keadaan sekarang.

selalu rindu nak balik ke kampung dan peluk dia. kalau masa nak balik ke kampng tu, perasanlah ayah sayu sangat.

selamat hari bapa, ayah. love you.


been a while since last time that i update my blog here. sorry for my fellow readers (yes, the two of you). not been myself lately. so out of tune for awhile. i’m still not out of the woods as yet.

been following what is happening with a certain islamic political party and the relation witht the malay party. are they getting married or what? those related to both parties must be having a field day discussing this. even i am excited and i don’t care much, to start with. to me, this is just a political gimmick. nothing will come out of it. you, politician always like to create this kind of things. it’s lke tv. if there’s nothing on it, it would be boring indeed, right?

what’s the iranians? are they still not over their election results? ahmadenajad has won and the people are saying that he fixed the results. now, this is a bit weird. i always view that guy as a true leader, down to earth and no hanky panky shenanigans. but if this true, then i truly a bad judge of character.

been hearing a few audios on islamic history lately. about the battles that the muslims fought. there’s this time in our history that the mongolians or the Tartars were really at it. fightings and killings a lot of muslims at the heart of islamic territory. we’re talking Baghdad, egypt and a few other places here folks. at that time, we were really having serious flaws witht the leaders and the muslims character at the time. guess God send those people from the land os Altantuya to wipe them clean.

but then emerged a guy by the name of Qutuz that was brave enough and strong enough to gather the muslims to fight the Mongols. he’s a Mamluk. meaning that he belongs to a class of slaves that were bought by the emirs at the time. but those guys are so good that they even managed to form their own dynasty from time to time.

and then story about salehudin ayyubi. the king who acted like a general. he managed to take over jurusalem from the clutch of the crusaders. about the bravery and his general character that is great. he spent most of his time on the battlefield that at his home.

and the most interesting to me, is about sultan muhamad fatih. the opener of constantinople. how he managed to do what other muslim leaders before cannot. to prove thhe truth of prophet’s prophecy that muslims will conquer constantinople before rome.

the story of the conquest was legend. told and studied by the military student till today. constantinople is a strong fort that managed to stood the test of time. but Muhamad Fatih managed to garner the strength of the muslims to conquer it.

guess his age when he conquered it? go ahead, give your best shot.

21 years old. he did it at that age. where were you when you’re 21?

core muscle workout

this is to work the core of the muscles:

1. wide grip deadlift –
2. dumbell overhead reverse lunge – this is like the usual lunge but this time, hold the dumbbell overhead
3. YTWLI Raise on a Swiss Ball – this is super workout for the upper back muscle. lying with your belly on the swiss ball, first you make a Y, then T, then W, then L, then like an I.
4. Swiss ball hip extension and leg curl
5. alternating dumbbell bench press – bench press but instead of normal, you push the dumbbell one by one.

cool workout.