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Titanic sank May 23, 2009

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everyone knew how the titanic sank. damn those icebergs. and we all watched the movie.

some interesting facts about things that sank with it:

contrary to popular beliefs, there’s no mummy on board. legend has it that the mummy cursed the ship.

there’s only 32 boats for lifesaving purpose because the owner though wrongly that it would not look good on the ship. that amount of boats were not enough to save half of those onboard.

when the ship hit the iceberg, the gate to the third class were locked so that chances for those at first and second class lodgings was higher. can’t believe how people value lifes.

lots of artworks were lost forever. most notable was the work Rubayyat by Omar Khayyam which was diamond encrusted.

there was a millionaire who helped others to survice and later put on his best cloth to die like a man. which he did. what bravery.

the richest man in the world at that time was also onboard. he managed to put his wife on the boat but he was denied entry because of the policy ‘ladies first’. no amount of money could save a man at that time.

this will always remain in history as probably the worst tragedy in history.

I love trivia knowledge such as these.


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