chin peng – bagi bawak balik ke tidak?

adalah punya cadangan ahli politik ni yang gamaknya nak cari glamer mencadangkan untuk membenarkan chin peng pulang ke Malaysia. sebab gamaknya dia dah tua, dah tak komunis lagi (yer ke?).

maka ada yang setuju, ada yang tidak. belumlah dibuat poll utk melihat lagi banyak suka dia balik ke atau lagi banyak tak bagi dia balik. buang karan betullah kalau pasal chin peng ni, ada buat poll ke apa ke. buang karan sungguh.

izinkan hamba yang hina ni utk memberi pendapat yang rasanya akan memenuhi kehendak kedua belah pihak ini. dua dua dapat.

kita benarkanlah dia balik. harapnya dia tak boleh buat apa apa. jangan ada hidup balik parti komunis malaya pulak. janganlah ada secret society yang selama ni menunggu jer presiden kehormat dia balik.

bagilah mereka yang nak dia balik tu menyambut kepulangannya. carpet merah ke, kalungkan bunga ke. bagi dia hidup udara Malaya ni. bagi dia lawat kubur kubur mangsa pembunuhan dia dulu tu. bagi dia balik kampung. sitiawan rasanya kampung dia. dekat kampung aku jugak tu.

then kita tangkap dia ramai ramai. nak trial ke? buang karan jer. semua orang dah tau salah dia. lagi banyak salah dia yang kita tak tau dari yang kita tau.

letak dalam jail. torture dia jangan bagi makan. jangan bagi ubat. patahkan kaki dia dan jangan bagi ubat penahan sakit. amputate kaki dia. uish, tengah geram ni. banyak pulak idea torture aku ni. aku pun risau.

mereka mereka yang taknak benarkan dia pulang sure kali ni setuju benarkan dia balik sebab boleh hukum dia.

udahlah tu. jangan buang karan la.


Ibunda Bukit Bintang

had a great lunch today at Ibunda Fine Dining restaurant. it’s just opposite the hospital Prince Court at Bukit Bintang.

it’s a malay food fine Dining experience. and I don’t many of this type of malay dining. apparently, there’s not many of it around.

so if you have any foreigners coming over here and you want to treat them malay food with style, here you go.

you can find website at:


i now have a barbell. or curl bar actually. the arsenal for my home gym has increased.

I like it when people ask me where I workout and I say that I have a home gym. that impressed people a lot. I guess they imagined that I have all the gadgets that a gym would have. the expensive machines, the steps etc.

in actual fact, I only have a basic gym. a stationary bike, which is not mine actually and because it’s very old, I seldom use it. only for a bit of cardio. a stability ball, you know, the one big ball that you sit on. that one can do wonderful exercises.

I have dumbdells which is the most important thing because most of my exercises involves dumbdells. and I have a chinup bar which is also important to exercise biceps and back muscles.

I have exercise mat because I need to have cushion to exercise on. and what else? I guess that’s it.. not very impressive but not too shabby either, right? there’s just a few more things that would like to have but those a just additional things that add to the workouts that I’m already doing.

so it doesn’t mean that you need expensive things to start a home gym. I used to go to the gym but that days are long gone now. really can’t keep up with the work routine that I have.

but now I think i’m getting wiser in choosing the workouts that pumps my blood to the max. I can have a good one even when i’m doing it in front of my TV (killing two birds with one stone here) and doing it at 12 midnight.

yes, sometimes I only have that timeslot because I got home so late. but if that day is workout day, then I would go for it.. provided I have enough energy left. no point to muscle it if it would jeopardize me.

as my favourite fitness quotation would say: no pain, no gain. more pain, insane.

Titanic sank

everyone knew how the titanic sank. damn those icebergs. and we all watched the movie.

some interesting facts about things that sank with it:

contrary to popular beliefs, there’s no mummy on board. legend has it that the mummy cursed the ship.

there’s only 32 boats for lifesaving purpose because the owner though wrongly that it would not look good on the ship. that amount of boats were not enough to save half of those onboard.

when the ship hit the iceberg, the gate to the third class were locked so that chances for those at first and second class lodgings was higher. can’t believe how people value lifes.

lots of artworks were lost forever. most notable was the work Rubayyat by Omar Khayyam which was diamond encrusted.

there was a millionaire who helped others to survice and later put on his best cloth to die like a man. which he did. what bravery.

the richest man in the world at that time was also onboard. he managed to put his wife on the boat but he was denied entry because of the policy ‘ladies first’. no amount of money could save a man at that time.

this will always remain in history as probably the worst tragedy in history.

I love trivia knowledge such as these.

Angels & Demons


another instalment from the books of the controversial author Dan Brown. this supposed to be before the movie Da Vinci Code because he wrote this book first.

though i’ve read the book, but because it was a while ago, and I don’t remember the details anymore, then i can enjoy the movie like a person who does not know the storyline.

it is a wellmade movie. i like to know the inside rituals of organizations such as the Vatican and such, so this is a treat for me.

the movie is set during a time when one pope is dead and they are looking for his replacement. the process is told in more details in the book, I believe. but the graphical details in the movie is breathtaking. with the sculptors and the paintings in the movie. i wonder whether they shoot the movie at the real vatican city.

being a muslim, of course i cannot appreciate the signifcance of the rituals in the process in the movie. but i’m impressed with the details and the hardwork put into it.. and to know that the process is a tradition that took hundred of years in the making. it’s always the tradition, right? never departs from tradition no matter how unfit it is to the present time.

briefly, it is a story about a religious man bent on keeping his belief of the religion intact.

to him, science and religion cannot cooexist together. so because the current breakthrough is on the verge of proving that both can come together and existance God can be proved scientifically, he arranged for the killings of the religious leaders and blamed it on Illuminati, claimed to be the bearer of science. hence, he aimed at futher separate the science proponents and the religious people.

now, he is a good man in term of religion. i mean, he is a priest. but his way is way wrong. it reminds me of a quotation: “all throughout the ages, good men will always do good things and bad men will always do bad things. but for good men to do bad things, now that takes religion.”

we’ve seen it everyday. whether christians, muslims or otherwise. because they believe that what they are doing is for the good of their religion, they go ahead with it. and they dragged their religion through mud. what a sad state.

there are some quarters that believe that Illuminati or the Knight Templar or better known as the Freemason still exist and that they control the running of certain government. you need to read harunyahya’s writings for that. google him. haven’t read his materials quite a while now. wonder whether he’s still around.

Fast and furious 4

nothing much to say about this movie. it’s about a group of people that’s up to no good. always racing and their livelihood is from bad business dealings. they portrayed those in the movie as good people, though. that they love somebody until they are willing to sacrifice their life to avenge them. but she got killed because she was dealing with bad people in the first place.

i’m sorry that it seemed that i’m attacking this movie. but i’m looking at the repercussions of this movie to those that watch it.. are we showing them, especially the youngsters that it is okay to lead their life with impunity? racing around the public with no respect and consideration for others safety?

finance for non-financial manager

last monday and tuesday i went to this training. trainer’s name is Yoga. (I wonder whether he felt obliged to take up yoga. wanted to ask him but i thought better of it)

i do have problem with calculation.

“there are three kinds of people in this world: those who can count, and those who can’t.” sadly, i’m one of those that is never meant to be an accountant.

the training was an eye opener. that there’s a lot that i don’t know about the financial aspects of a business.

but i don’t think that i managed to get the full benefits of the training. the training was done a bit fast for me to catch up. a lot of the jargons that i don’t understand. wish that there are more time for me to grasp everything.

oh well, need to learn more la.