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Dreaming April 27, 2009

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Been going through audio about dreaming interpretation in Islamic perspective. It is one area where is regarded as important in Islam. It is also one of hard things to do.

Towards the end of time, more and more righteous muslim would get dreams because by then the muslims need more directions in life.

Dreams are 1/46th of revelation (wahyu). This is because the prophet received right dreams for six months before he became a prophet and the duration of his prophethood is 23 years. So six months is 1/46th of 23 years.

Some points that I can remember from the lecture:

If more people received the same dreams, then there’s a bigger possibility that the dream is right.

It is not easy to interprete the dreams because it involves symbols. Some symbols might mean one thing and at another time it might mean another.

When you dream of meeting the prophet, what if the person that you see in the dream does not look like the proper descriptions of the prophet? One fatwa is that the person should look like the prophet’s descriptions but another said that as long as you believe in your heart that it is the prophet, then it is him.

There are three types of dream. One, it is from Allah. Or it may be from the devil Or lastly it might be from your mind. You are thinking too mch about something that it crept inside your dream.

If the dream is good, you should try to find someone that knows how to interprete it. But if it bad and it may be from the devil, then you should keep it to yourself because if you tell people, the the devil wins and laugh at you because he managed to make you worry.

I myself seldom remember the dreams that I got. It’s a pity and so far, I don’t know how to change it.


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