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Stop-Loss April 21, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 8:43 am

Why i decided to watch another American army movie is beyond me. How many times have I been dissapointed is beyond counting. But here again I wasted my time watching this mundane better watch-paint-dry movie.

If I remember it correctl, this is because I was taken by the synopsis of the movie at the back of CD.

Well, at least I learnt a new term: Stop-Loss. This is when the United States government extended the duty of the soldiers because they were shorthanded and allowing soldiers to end their duty would mean that they wont have enough people to do what damage they are inflicting the world over.

My jeers to them is: ha ha stupid you… what made you joined the army in the first place.. Har Har serves you right.

(Don’t know why I’m harsh tonight. May be because i really really hate wars and what’s related to it)


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