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Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak hero of Islam April 21, 2009

Filed under: Interesting,Self-Help — visitor74 @ 7:21 am

Another lesser known Hero of Islam is Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak. He’s not known to me, at least.

Another splendid man in the history of Islam. He hails from Khorasan and frm the time of Imam Malik because there was a story of him visiting Imam Malik where Imam Malik consulted him when there were questions from the students.

One character that interest me the most about him is his bravery. he was not only a scholar but he was also a fighter. He used to join the war against the non-muslims and he was a great fighter. But when he valiantly, he concealed himself so that no one knows who he was.

And he was rather wealthy. He used to pay for hajj his entire village with his money and paid for war expeditions for those that did not have the money to do so.

Wish that we hear a lot more of people like him.


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