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FIfth Mountain – Paulo Coelho April 20, 2009

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Paulo is a Brazilian writer which has achieved a certain status as a writer. Naturally I wanted to read his book.

He has a certain style of writing which is easy to follow. The words were simple but carry meanings. It has simple advises to he people.

Fifth Mountains is about the journey of Elijah to his prophethood. He’s an Israeli prophet. One of many. In Islam, he is Prophet Ilyas. One of the lesser known. I’m saying lesser known because I hardly know him. I don’t know any of his stories. And you have to know their stories because it is one of hujjah or points of Allah in the day of judgment. We might say on that day because He has given us so much wealth that we forget about Him. And Allah would say: Are you more wealthy that Sulaiman?

I don’t know whether the journey that Elijah took is the same with Ilyas but i think that it is not far off. Checked it Wikipedia and the story jives.

But the interesting thing is this, Paolo mentioned a lot of Elijah’s monologue. I wonder how he do that? Did he managed to enter inside his head or he just made it up? That, I want to know.

i’m now looking for more of his books now. I would like to see other writings of his. He has a knack of using the simplest of words to describe important things.

Paolo also has a blog and I let you in a secret: He’s a compulsive writer, I think. It’s like he’s writing all the time. Or reading for that matter.

You can check him out on the internet. He also has free ebooks that you can download for free. Thank you Paulo!


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