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Shinjuku Inciden April 19, 2009

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shinjuku poster

shinjuku poster

Took some time off from work to go to a movie with the guys: Shinjuku Inciden*. Starring Jackie Chan. It’s very much different from all his other movies previously. This time around, he couldn’t fight. Well, he did fought, but not with his usual kung fu mastery shit, just like a normal brave man. 

It’s a story about love. Jackie or in this movie his nickname is Steelhead entered Japan illegally from China, to find his girlfriend who left to Japan but never contacted him. Being a good guy, he worried about her, not knowing that she already married a Yakuza boss. Yikes. But to go to all the distance, to find your love, that’s gotta say for something. But it’s sad when he found out. But he makes little of it, saying that he was just worried and glad to know that she’s okay. Now that gotta hurt the lady. 

It’s a story about camaraderie. How Steelhead managed to make an unberable life at Shinjuku District bearable. Amidst all the hard living, the gang rivalry, he managed to become a level headed guy and find solutions. 

It’s a sad story about the life that some people has to live by. That fighting and cheating happens everyday. That there are people that have to wager their life to make ends meet. 

It’s a reality about how power can corrupted people. That you can’t actually handled it without being a different guy. Sometimes it’s fr the bad. And you can do damage to a lot of things.

I like to say that it’s a romance story. But there’s not much romance going on. During all his time, Steel has besides him a lovely lady by the name of Lily. Not sure whether they’re a couple or not. But because Steel wanted to save his friends, he had to forgo her. And that pisses her off. 

It has been a while since I watch a chinese/japanese movie. This has been a good one for me. The one that did not make me say to myself: “that’s two hours of my time that I will never get back!”


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