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Imam Malik April 4, 2009

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Imam Malik initially had a different ambition. He wanted to be a singer when he was a child. But his mother, intelligently diverted him to religious studies by saying that he cannot be a singer because he’s not good looking. Though actually he was goodlooking. And she always dressed him in scholars dress, preparing him for that position.

The trouble that Imam Malik went to gain knowledge is legendary. He would follow his teachers at their houses so that he can catch them while they are on their way to mosque for example. It was challenging because the weather was sometimes too cold or too hot. but he soldiered on.

And he had impressive memory. Once, his teacher narrated 40 hadiths in one sitting and he memorized it there and then.

He respected Madinah, the city of the Prophet so much that he did not leave it eventhough he got invitations from the caliph to live with him. The practise of the people of the city is one of the criteria that he used in his fiqh. That’s because they had lived with the Prophet and they should know the right things to do.

He loves to eat good food especially fruits and the best fruit that he ate was banana. When people asked why, he said because banana was not touched by flies and human. He got a point there. Time to stock up bananas from now on.

He also liked to dress nicely saying that one does not have to dress shabbily to be religious.

May all his good deeds accepted by Allah.


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