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Juno April 1, 2009

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Juno (played by Ellen Page) is a sweet girl and very intelligent. She has interesting outlook in life that’s carefree and cool. Her family is cool too. Like both the father and mother.

Juno has a problem. She is pregnant. The father is somewhat a boyfriend of her. Which adores her to no end. But she didn’t exactly have a commitment with him.

Now she has a mission to accomplish. To find the perfect adopting parents for the kid.

She found a couple that’s been looking for a kid. The mother is played by Jennifer Gardner. She is a bit overbearing and a bit controlling. The husband is a bit of a carefree man himself. He didn’t seemed to be ready to adopt. It seemed that the decision maker is the wife. They are having a bit of a problem with that. With man, you have to give them some space. A man likes to do what he wants to do. Having a wife that’s controlling would not be super. Like what Jerry Seinfield said: A man wants from his woman what he wants from his underware. A bit of support and a bit of space…..

I like to see this kind of girl who is headstrong and cool. It’s like she’s in total control of things eventhough all hell is against her. But I hope that young kids don’t follow what she did. Having kids while you’re a kid and out of wedlock is not cool, as far as I’m concerned. Not cool at all.


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