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Iron Man April 1, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 7:43 pm

I would never thought that robert downey junior can pull this off. I can’t remember any of his other film and that shows how not very memorable he was to me before.

But this one, is a winner. One of the great adaptation of real life movies from cartons. I barely remember this character before. It usually monopolized by superman, batman and other man, not Ironman.

Isn’t the ironman suit great or what? Never mind whether it can be made or not. The very fact of the idea itself is interesting enough. I like to use it to fly, that’s what I would do. That would take away the whole morning traffic equation out!

Robert is interesting actor in this movie with catchy lines and suave persona. Cocky too. And brilliant. I like to see erudite people in movie.

And the villain played by (what’s his name?) is great too. His demeanor and voice is soothing. You can feel that he’s in control of most situation. And to think hat he’s actually close to the hero. That would reminds you not to trust everyone.

Again, the idea that a man who takes the matters into his own hand, always is interesting.


I like to see more of this Ironman. He’s suit is so cool, i don’t think that hollywood would want to rest this hero so soon.


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