Tadi keluar dengan Dakmon untuk beli Xperia dia. Kira dah okay dah. Tapi bila nak beli barang barang lain cam casing, bluetooth, tengok kat kedai bawah tu lagi murah. Beza dekat dua ratus tu…

Pernah tak you all beli barang, ingat dah murah dah, tapi bila tengok kat tempat lain, adalah pulak yang lagi murah. Memang tension kan?



“Nothing is certain except death and taxes”

Sure enough the time has come yet again, greeting us like an unwanted period.

And as a certified procrastinator, I’m waiting to the last minutes to do it, efiling style.

Last year, I didn’t have to pay because every onth I pay zakat. But this time around, it seems that the government is out to get me.

Need to check something. Next time.


Been going through audio about dreaming interpretation in Islamic perspective. It is one area where is regarded as important in Islam. It is also one of hard things to do.

Towards the end of time, more and more righteous muslim would get dreams because by then the muslims need more directions in life.

Dreams are 1/46th of revelation (wahyu). This is because the prophet received right dreams for six months before he became a prophet and the duration of his prophethood is 23 years. So six months is 1/46th of 23 years.

Some points that I can remember from the lecture:

If more people received the same dreams, then there’s a bigger possibility that the dream is right.

It is not easy to interprete the dreams because it involves symbols. Some symbols might mean one thing and at another time it might mean another.

When you dream of meeting the prophet, what if the person that you see in the dream does not look like the proper descriptions of the prophet? One fatwa is that the person should look like the prophet’s descriptions but another said that as long as you believe in your heart that it is the prophet, then it is him.

There are three types of dream. One, it is from Allah. Or it may be from the devil Or lastly it might be from your mind. You are thinking too mch about something that it crept inside your dream.

If the dream is good, you should try to find someone that knows how to interprete it. But if it bad and it may be from the devil, then you should keep it to yourself because if you tell people, the the devil wins and laugh at you because he managed to make you worry.

I myself seldom remember the dreams that I got. It’s a pity and so far, I don’t know how to change it.

Abah warded

Abah had to be warded because he’s health really hadn’t improved after the visit at the govt hospital. We thought that is is better for him to go to a private one.

We went to Putra Medical Center in Sg Buloh because it’s the nearest one and we want to check it out. It looks rather new and we hope that the service is good. There’s not a lot of people around and I hope that it is not a bad sign.

Families just visited him just now.

The doctor said that Abah had virus infection in his lung and that he would have to stay at least five days at the hospital.

I remembered ziggy’s observation: Hospital’s bed is like a parked taxi with the meter’s running.

Kelas Agama

Family sebelah rumah does Kelas Agama every months if I’m not mistaken. Or is it every week? Not sure about that. Before this, we never got the time to join. Work, you know.

But I managed to take a peek. I wanted to join, but can’t be long because had to go to the hospital.

I like that there are people that have the motivation to do things like this. spending the time to arrange for it. Buat makan makan, panggil orang untuk datang. Oh, I like it. The knowledge gathering, the camaraderie of like minded and nice people, and of course, the food.

I hope that I can join them sometime later.

Fight your way to better body

here’s the torture for the month:

1. Judo Pushup (it really seems like Bomber pushup – another type of pushup)

2. Crossover stepup (a kind of stepup but with a bit of twist, really, a twist)

3. Leaning Shoulder Fly 

4. Medicine ball Pikeup – had to use the bouncing ball because I still don’t have a medicine ball

5. Mixed grip chinups

6. Swiss ball wall squats

7. Around the head plate drill – you have to see it to understand it

8. Boxer’s dumbbell speed twist. 


most of these exercises are normal exercises but with a twist to make interesting and target different part of the bodies. I don’t get to do a lot of that though, cos there’s so much work to do this month.


Kalau tak silap aku, itu maksudnya Hospital in Arabic. But, not so sure. My arabic is so rusty these days. yer, aku kata hospital Sungai Buluh sekarang. Abah datang KL Sebab hantar Mama Ke airport, tapi Abah tak berapa sihat. Tapi dia push jugak. Dan mungkin makan tidak berjaga. Kencing manis naik lagi.

Rasa bersalah plak Sebab tadi Abah kena tunggu kat luar rumah Sebab aku dan isteri lambat balik Sebab aku sibuk dengan meeting.

Kalau kat Hospital kerajaan ni kan, memang berjanggut nak menunggu turn. Amatlah ramai orangnya. Sakit memang sentiasa berleluasa. Penat gamaknya doktor dan nurse melayan begitu ramai orang yang ramai begini. Harap mereka boleh merasakan betapa mereka sebenarnya berkhidmat untuk masyarakat. Tapi Kalau hanya sebagai kerja sahaja, mesti tension hari hari kerja begini. Kalau dual tiga bulan, mungkin boleh tahan. Tapi Kalau dah bertahun, mungkin muka sudah bercuka. Dan manusia akan tetap sakit. Itu sudah ketentuan Ilahi.

Masa sakitlah kita banyak ingat mati. Ingat Tuhan dan berdoa. Itulah salah satu nikmat sakit. Tapi lepas itu, tak taulah. Nak ingat mati ni bukan senang. Sebab kita tengah suka dengan hidup.

Everyone wants to go heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Dan kata somebody, lupa namanya: I’m not afraid of death. It’s just that I don’t want to be there when it happens.

He he.