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The Body-Weight 200 March 17, 2009

Filed under: work,workout — visitor74 @ 7:59 am

For March, this is the torture:

1. Prisioner squat 30 reps
2. Pushups 30 reps
3. Jumps 10 reps
4. Swiss-ball leg curls 10 reps
5. Swiss-ball pikes 10 reps
6. Stepups 20 reps
7. Pullups 5 reps
8. Forward Lunges 30 reps
9. Prisoner squats 15 reps
10. Chinups 5 reps

Its called 200 because the total of the reps is 200. If its too lame for you, you can do it all over again. I still can’t do that. But I’m trying.

Though its only using Body-Weight, but when I started doing it for the first time, my body was sore all over. it’s really is a great workout.

try it.


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