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Tidbits 2 March 14, 2009

Filed under: Diary,work — visitor74 @ 4:52 pm

Today got Monthly meeting. this is where we meet everyone. usually not everyone turns up. it’s hard to everyone to be free for this date. but usually I would have to be around, because it’s me that chair the meeting. Always try to make it funny. this is the time where I hope that they can voice their concerns and whatnot. but usually, only a few would say something. so I try to make it as funny and relax as much as possible. 

this is where we celebrate someone’s birthday too. but amazingly, none of our staff have their birthday this month. out of the total of 20 something staff at hand, none have their birthday in March!


going back to Melaka tonight. Mama got kenduri tomorrow. still don’t know what it is.


conducted Staff Performance Evaluation today for 3 staff. always a drag to have this. don’t like doing it. the bible says: judge not others, lest ye be judge. 

so i really don’t like putting points and demerit to other people. but someone gotta do it. and yours truly had to step up to the plate. it’s even harder when you’re not really at the site to watch them do their work. so it’s just conjecture mostly.


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