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Do I LOOK like gay to you? March 14, 2009

Filed under: Diary,Monolog — visitor74 @ 9:53 pm

I’m still a bit traumatized here… (shaken, not stirred) after the event. Hear me out….

I was minding my own business at the urinal, and this guy gives me this look… kinda like being friendly to, but a weird way. So I can’t finish my business at the urinal. Had to go to the toilet. Even then, I was afraid that he might peeked from above, so I had a bit of problem finishing it. So I took a bit longer than usual. And I gave a good measure to make sure that that creepy guy is out of the way.

But was I wrong…. he waited for me at the urinal, and as I was getting out of the can, he moved his body a bit to show his dick! damned!!! I can’t believe that’s happened to me. Never in my life that I thought that I would be flashed by a creepy Indian guy…

I left the toilet immediately and look for my wife. I was afraid that he would come out looking for me. And true enough, he’s walking outside and was looking at me.. arghhhh

I don’t know why I felt that way. I was not cool. I felt out of my element there. On hindsight, and given enough time to compose myself, this would be my response to him:

“dude, put that away, are you sick or something?”

“dude, even if I’m gay, I’m way out of your league….”

But seriously, why did he singled me out? Is it because I have the bad timing to be at the urinal beside him? And what made him think that I would be interested? If he’s gay, isn’t gay people supposed to have vibes of who’s gay and who’s not? Do I look gay to to him? Do I look gay to you?

I have no beef with gays. I think they are sick (sick like handicap, so we can’t be bad to them) but I can accept them as human. Yes, what they are doing is wrong and they should get help. But I’m not homophobic, as loong as they keep to themselves. I mean, I’ve know gay people before and they know that I’m straight and they don’t try anthing funny with me.

But this incident really bugs me and I hate them already.

And yeah, if you’re wondering, he has a big *member*. Wish I could take that out of my brain already.


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