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seven pounds – will smith March 10, 2009

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sevenpoundsit has been a while since a movie felt like it ripped my heart because it is so touching and it seemed that I can’t take the ending. i think that the last time was another film starring Will Smith, I Am Legend. this Prince of Bel Air, I should be careful of him.

from the start, you know that there’s more than meet the eyes. this time Will plays a subdued man and the story revealed only bits by bits it’s mystery.

you have to be patient when watching the movie. you know that from the looks from Will Smith (the character name is Ben, but it’s not his real name) that there’s something wrong with him. here’s he’s helping this people but you can see the pain in him. the reason is shown by flashbacks, but you would only know about it at the end. 

Ben was carrying so much pain him that he’s willing to end his life to atone for it. because of him, his wife and 6 other people died. he was driving and checking his Mobile at the same time. one thing that I always do. hope that I won’t be doing this anymore. that’s why i like to have a driver. i would need to check my phone for sms and emails and calling people at the same time. it’s hard to live without even for a few hours. i’m always on the go with work. but this is a wakeup call to me. that the disaster just not worth it. 

But during Ben’s quest to find those that are worthy to receive his ‘gifts’ – which is part of his organs, he met with one of the potential recipients, a woman which got into his heart. and that made it hard for him. you see, he’s about to give his heart to her. but at the same time, he’s in love with her. so he had to weigh his options. 

in the end, he had to give up his life because that’s the only way that she can continue with her’s. he checked with the doctors and her chances is slim at best. very touching, i tell you.

Will Smith is one good actor. I wonder whether he received any Oscar yet. Well, he should.


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