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Proof of Life March 9, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 5:04 am

One of the movies that I’ve been searching to watch. mostly because of Meg Ryan. i wouldn’t say that she’s a bombshell, she’s not beautiful in that way, no. but she has a certain quirky to her. like she’s looking at life in an interesting way. like everything is amusing to her.

and male interest is played by mr. gladiator himself, Russell Crow.

and now we know how insurance company deals with the insured when they got kidnapped. which sadly might happened frequently enough. that makes it scarry to work in a foreign country isn’t it?

this is a situation where you want someone with experience and cool head to handle. so russell is the man for the part. with his accent, he really give the part an interesting twist.

proof of life means, you want to see the proof that the kidnapped guy is still alive. usually by talking to them or by seeing a picture of him with the current newspaper.

there was a thing happening between russell and meg in the movie. the interest that russell gave the aura of Meg Ryan perhaps.

interesting movie.


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