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stiches out March 2, 2009

Filed under: Diary — visitor74 @ 6:50 am

finally got the stiches out. no more do i need to explain to people why i have a bandage on my elbow. and most of the time, the explanations I gave depend on my fancy at the time.

I might told them the truth which have too many explanations. i would give that if time to kill.

If i don’t like to carry on it, I just say that it’s bisul (Boil). like what I told my mother because I don’t want her to get worried. And I’ve told people that i fell from my motorbike, (being a weekends rider like I am.) and the other time was when i told people that i was in a fight because a guy wants to mug me. (If you see me like this, you should see the other guy) so no more lies and i got to have a proper shower now. i could go for a normal workouts instead of the lame tabatha system.

back to normal.


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