No Pillow is as soft as a clear conscience..

But that’s a different story. tonight I got a new pillow. can’t wait to try it out.

I used to have a good pillow before, but I guess because I sweats a lot during sleep, the pillow is now a bit lumpy. time to change to a new one.

I have to confess that I’m not an early riser. remember the adage “early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise”? Well, I never got that. It’s always a battle every morning to detach myself from the pillow and the bed. My wife, while being my girlfriend used to call me every morning to wake me up. Been trying lot of things to help me with this predicament but still can’t manage to find the solution. let me know if you know any tips.

So I hope that the pillow will help me to get a god night sleep.

Brand: Akemi Memory Pillow (It’s called Memory Pillow because it is said to be able to improve memory as well health. That is supergood for me because I have a baddd memory – actually I have a photographic memory, it’s just that sometimes I forgot the film)

Akemi has the contour one, but because it’s too expensive for me, then I go for the normal one. 

Price before discount: 139.00 (I got the 50% discount, I think)

Though it’s a nice pillow to have and sleep on, I don’t think that the quality of my sleep has improved because of it. There’s still something’s wrong with me.

Kalau dalam hukum alam, tidur yang cukup menyebabkan kita segar dan sebagainya. Tetapi kalau ikut Hukum Tauhid, Allahlah yang menyebabkan kita rasa segar, sihat dan sebagainya. There’s a lot of cases where a man did not sleep for years, but they seemed to be normal, leading a normal life.

Still looking for the tips for a good sleep.

Experts says that the higher your IQ, the more dreams that you have. I can’t remember any of my dreams. Does that mean I have a low IQ or do I actually have lots of dreams (hence higher IQ) but I just simply can’t remember them. I always thought that Deja Vu for me is when I have actually dreamt it before, but I can’t remember. And when I encounter the incident, it seemed like I have experienced it before.

Have a good night sleep, you all!


Happy Earthhour

Happy Earth Day.

Last night 28 March, Earthhour Night. i got home just in time for that and went straight to dinner at our nearest Steakhouse. interestingly, the shop was dark for earthhour. cool.

Statistic showed that Malaysia is the 7th largest participation for Earthhour.

I’m yet to see the significant impact of the event.


Picture where we had dinner.

Post UMNO Election

Otto Von Bismarck once said: “People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.”

Umno just had their internal election. Some of those who won were expected but some others were unbelievable to some people. It’s interesting to see how politics gets to the nerve of the people.

I can’t say for sure about the integrity of the politicians because I don’t know them. but when UMNO have their elections and they elected their leaders, eventually, those leaders of that political party will become the leader of this country. So I was also interested to see who won.

Politicians, they say will do anything to get what they want. I just hope that there are those politicians that really want to be leaders because they want to do good. I just afraid that they started that way in the first place, but ends up doing something else because of the call to the dark side. Power is something that hard to control. They can make you do things that you might not normally do, don’t they? It would take a big big man to have power but never abuse it. Or money for that matter.

I remember a story of a student who met his guru and his guru is wearing gold slippers. Where usually a sufi teacher would live humbly, the student wonders why the teacher was living lavishly. The teacher, who can read his student’s mind, replied: “But I only wore it at my feet, and never let it get to my heart.” Whoa, profound…

I consider myself lucky because I don’t have the knack and the desire to become a politician. Otherwise, my life would be in a mess. I have to admit that I don’t have the knack for politics. Somebody said: Diplomacy is about surviving to the next century, but politics is about surviving to the next Friday afternoon.

Like what Nuraina Samad said: “Please remind me to beat my children if they want to be politician!”

Good luck ya all!

Kelip Kelip

Spent some time to visit the Fireflies at Kuala Selangor. It has been a while that we’ve visited it.

It’s sometimes good to spend and visit the nature. After all, don’t know when it will stay intact. I heard that the fireflies are dying because the government are not looking into taking care of it. The fireflies need the trees to survive and the trees need adequate waters. But the government, in their effort to ration the rivers, might unintentionally reduced the water flow to the rivers and thus killing the trees and ergo, the Fireflies.

And I heard that there are only two locations that the fireflies like this exist: in Kuala Selangor and the Amazon. Cool…

And by not taking care the livelihood of the fireflies, it’s also killing the livelihood of the those that relies their lives on the river. The guy that brought us along the river, only works at the Fireflies resort all his lives.

Here’s the location of the place:

The Body-Weight 200

For March, this is the torture:

1. Prisioner squat 30 reps
2. Pushups 30 reps
3. Jumps 10 reps
4. Swiss-ball leg curls 10 reps
5. Swiss-ball pikes 10 reps
6. Stepups 20 reps
7. Pullups 5 reps
8. Forward Lunges 30 reps
9. Prisoner squats 15 reps
10. Chinups 5 reps

Its called 200 because the total of the reps is 200. If its too lame for you, you can do it all over again. I still can’t do that. But I’m trying.

Though its only using Body-Weight, but when I started doing it for the first time, my body was sore all over. it’s really is a great workout.

try it.