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the Bane of my existance February 27, 2009

Filed under: Monolog — visitor74 @ 5:45 am

there’s this company that has given headache for the past few months now.

first, i engaged him as my support service and he gave a shoddy performance. had to pacify the customer and later i had to find some other company to cover for it. bad experience already. he claimed that he was sick the whole time. i wished that he dropped dead so that I can forget about him already.

then there was a deal that passed money through his company and he supposed to pay us. he’s been holding the payment for two months already.

repeated calls and smses to him remain unanswered. his excuse before is that his phone was having antenna problem. oh come on, for two months? i could never accept that. and the reason he gave for delaying was because he was away at remote area for work that lasted long and they could not get phone and internet reception. that’s another BS that he gave me..

so tonight i went to his office for the first time, wishing that he’s around so that I can confront him and ask to his face “who do you think you are?”

well, the office was locked because it’s night already and i don’t think that he’s the one that work late. i mean does conman need to work at all?

here’s the pic of his mailbox to show that I’ve been there. i contemplatingto put his company name here so that when people searched for the name, they would get this story here.

what the ….


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