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Die hard 4 February 27, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 6:08 am

I’m generally did not look much for the die hard genre. This is the kind of movie that show the machoness of the main character, the badness of the bad guys and the foolness of the rest of the characters.

And Bruce Willis has played that character to the max. I mean, it has already been 3 installments of the DH movies and after all this while, Bruce can still carry the character. Reminded me of the Indiana Jones series. Another guy that still at it after all these years. Kudos to them. There are those males actors that aged gracefully and hopefully without the aid of botox and facelift.

Some woman went through the trouble of getting surgery to cheat the ageing bug. But sometimes the effect shows. You now for sure that some surgery involved here. Then the youthful looks does not look so inviting. It’s the difference of plastic with the real one. Guess that’s why people call it plastic surgery.. Duh….

But what really bugs me is that those public figures that thought that they can get away with doing plastic surgery and people don’t know about it, aiyaa



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