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The Curious Story of Bejamin Butang February 22, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 4:47 am

an interesting story about a man that ages backward. now that’s an interesting concept! what if that can realy happens? i wonder… but wait, there might be people that like that already. remember the past MB of Selangor and now the wife of TPM?

anyway, Brad pulled another commendable performance with this one. he plays a man who came to the world as a 70 year old man (boy) and ages backward.

his biological father couldn’t accept him and thus sent him to away like trash, but his choice of place was serendipity for Benjamin. first, it was given to one good hearted black lady who accepted him like a God given gift, and another, she works at an old people home! what a place to be for and old boy. he fit right in.

and he met with the love of his life, Cate Blanchett, who plays the character Daisy. is is me, or does Catering looked young? i thought that she’s old and matured looking in real life but she managed to look youthful in this movie.

they got separated for a while, but when they met again midway (as what Daisy said), they really hit it off. they had a passionate love afair together.

now we gleaned all these stories from his own writing in his memoir that he left for his daughter. played by Julia Ormond. she had to find out that his real father is Benjamin that way. it was sad on how he left her. he had to leave her. because he was getting younger by the day, he had to leave before she remembers him. that was a sad moment.

it was interesting to follow Ben’s adventure. he had live his life to the fullest. where most people grow older and would not have the opportunity to enjoy life when they got older, it’s the other way around for Ben.

it was also sad to learn of his black mother’s death. she loved him like her own. and she never question why Ben was like that. she just accept him and him the best that she can offer. that is the attitude that we need to adopt. let not question what God has done and given. we just do what we can. we are not long in this world. let’s be kind to everyone.


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