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Minor Operation February 15, 2009

Filed under: Diary — visitor74 @ 2:14 am

I had this growth on my elbow for a long long time. i can’t pinpoint the year that it started. it’s just there for long time. more than 10 years perhaps.

So I decided to get rid of it. it is unsightly, sometimes a bit painful/warm and made it hard for me to do plank. what triggered me was when I met an acupuncturist a while ago, who found out that it messed up with the related meridian line.

I never like it needles and scalpel touch my body but I decided bite the bullet and finish with it. it was not painful after while. I even noded off sometimes during the procedure. it took more than one hour to get it out.

It looks like meat and the doctor don’t really knows what it is. So he’s sending it to the lab to determine what it is. I hope that it turns out benign.

I hope that it would heal in a week time. obviously I can’t do rigorous workout during this time.


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