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Family day Tiara Beach February 10, 2009

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We’ve been at Tiara Beach Resort Port Dickson since Saturday for 3F family day. today is the last day.

This place is not too shabby. I like that the management put a lot of games and activites in place. the pools are large. there are place to do games and such. got water volleyball, beach volleyball. got gym, though they reall need to repair the machines. got movie theatre, karaoke machines (some call it karaoke Jamban) and facility to rent bikes.

those are the kind of things that I bother to check out. there’ probably more that I didn’t see.


yesterday we had a BBQ dinner and karaoke session. me and wife opened the karaoke session. i’m as usual, was out of tune. tone death. i can’t sing to save my life. but i totally enjoyed it. other people might cringe hearing me sing. but I told em, to make me stop singng, pls sing yourself!

and today we had another session of volleyball. i hope that i can arrange with my old buddies from school so that we can form a volleyball team and play on weekends. it’s wishful thinking though. that would be a herculean task to gather everyone to play. most, most probably cannot play anymore. some veins might pop and strecher might be needed.



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