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Talk to yourself February 7, 2009

Filed under: Self-Help — visitor74 @ 3:28 am

Read somewhere just now the advise to talk to yourself. you spend all the time with urself so it is a good idea. like giving pep talk to myself and sometimes to reprimand (may be a lot of those).

i’ve already talk to certain part of my body already, so this shouldn’t be hard, right?


my blog got busted by those that know me. so there might be other that find out later. i just to tell you guys that the reason i’m writing at the moment is for personal reason. i use to keep diaries or journal, with the thinking that I will read it in my old days and reminisce about the younger me. i just go further using blog. people also read your diary, what. (baby, this is not a consent for u to Read mine while still alive, he he)

and i think that someone said that it’s theraputic to write. a way of venting out to the world. tolet go some steam.

so if you’re reading this, it’s not for you. it’s for myself. but thank you for stopping by.


Perak thingy. i like politic these days. i mean, i like to follow the going ons. it’s scary, but at the same time, interesting. you keep guessing ‘who’s lying?’. or who lies better? and don’t forget the conspiracy theory. that makes it even better. it is more interesting than fiction.

Met Lan from Malaysiakini the other day. he’s beaming with happiness. the current political situation in Perak really sells the subscription. got 10k new subscribers just from Perak alone. he wishes something would happen with Kedah after this.

as of today, the new MB of Perak from Umno has already sworned in. but the previous one can’t accept the fact that it is over.

don’t think it would be easy to go against the King of Perak. he’s a former judge, what?


you plan and plan but things don’t go the way that you want it. sick of this.


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