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Mindmap training February 1, 2009

Filed under: Diary,Self-Help — visitor74 @ 1:22 pm

I’ve been invited yesterday to give a training to students from my Alma Mater, the IIUM Matrics. the students are those that has low CGPA and has a potential to be kickout from the program. so the university arranged for study skills training. i guess that the students have problem assimilating the usual school studies and the university studies. 

So there I go. Had a blast giving them the training. But from my observation, most of them already knew about Mindmap before. And some can do some kickass mindmap. Better than I am! But of course some would need a nudge in the head. 

But most probably they did not apply the mindmap methods in their daily live. It seems like a hardware to some. Have to draw, need to use more than one colors… etc. I don’t see much mindmapper around. Most of the people that saw my mindmap knew about it, but they never did practise it. 

for me, I’m a mindmapper and proud of it. I use it everyday and I don’t know what I would do without that knowledge.


what I would like to see is more peope using mindmap in their daily lifes. From experience, this has helped me a lot. whether it has been for me during my student days and now, when I’m working. A lot of work can be done by using the mindmaps. 

And I do like giving training on mindmaps. So, if there’s anyone out there would like to have an amateur training teaching you on how to use mindmap, give a holler, you all.


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