Coming service

Yikes! it’s 60,000 km already. time for another service. but this time, it’s going to be bit of a major service. almost. checked with the authorized workshop and they said that for 60k, got gearbox oil and something else which I forgot.

it’s going to be around 800 bucks.


Die hard 4

I’m generally did not look much for the die hard genre. This is the kind of movie that show the machoness of the main character, the badness of the bad guys and the foolness of the rest of the characters.

And Bruce Willis has played that character to the max. I mean, it has already been 3 installments of the DH movies and after all this while, Bruce can still carry the character. Reminded me of the Indiana Jones series. Another guy that still at it after all these years. Kudos to them. There are those males actors that aged gracefully and hopefully without the aid of botox and facelift.

Some woman went through the trouble of getting surgery to cheat the ageing bug. But sometimes the effect shows. You now for sure that some surgery involved here. Then the youthful looks does not look so inviting. It’s the difference of plastic with the real one. Guess that’s why people call it plastic surgery.. Duh….

But what really bugs me is that those public figures that thought that they can get away with doing plastic surgery and people don’t know about it, aiyaa


Butterfly effect

What if you could go back in time to change all the wrongs that happened in the past? Oh how I wish this is the case with me now.

This movie told about 4 kids that grew together, and apart, in later life. This is because the led a messed up childhood. What with a sex craze father, then a really really messed up kid and that eventually turned their whole life upside down.

This reminds us that childhood phase is a very sensitive period for everyone. The consequence of a bad upbringing can be devastating. The pain could be lasting. And what if we can change that, and hopefully change the consequence? Now that would be neat.

And so Aston Kursher (Mr Demi Moore) set to do just that. He found out accidentally that when read his childhood journal, he can go back to that time that he was reading and set out to change it. Because he knew the bad effect of that incidents to the future, he tried to change that particular outcome.

But he found out that there are multiple consequences arise out of that. Things that can be out of his control. Remember the prime directive of Starship Enterprise in Startrek? They will not interfere with the lifes and going ons of the planet that they visited. They merely observe.

Interfere. That’s such a bad word, right? The best policy is not to interfere. I try not to interfere in other people’s life. Sorry if i have in the past. But then again, I really like to know the secret of other people. Can’t help it. Curiosity kill the cat, right?

So when the consequences were bad, he went back in time to make sure that it’s the outcome that he wants. this is no more second chance. This is multiple chances!

There were a lot of times that i wish that i can change my past. May be not long ago, probably a few weeks back would be enough.

the Bane of my existance

there’s this company that has given headache for the past few months now.

first, i engaged him as my support service and he gave a shoddy performance. had to pacify the customer and later i had to find some other company to cover for it. bad experience already. he claimed that he was sick the whole time. i wished that he dropped dead so that I can forget about him already.

then there was a deal that passed money through his company and he supposed to pay us. he’s been holding the payment for two months already.

repeated calls and smses to him remain unanswered. his excuse before is that his phone was having antenna problem. oh come on, for two months? i could never accept that. and the reason he gave for delaying was because he was away at remote area for work that lasted long and they could not get phone and internet reception. that’s another BS that he gave me..

so tonight i went to his office for the first time, wishing that he’s around so that I can confront him and ask to his face “who do you think you are?”

well, the office was locked because it’s night already and i don’t think that he’s the one that work late. i mean does conman need to work at all?

here’s the pic of his mailbox to show that I’ve been there. i contemplatingto put his company name here so that when people searched for the name, they would get this story here.

what the ….

The Curious Story of Bejamin Butang

an interesting story about a man that ages backward. now that’s an interesting concept! what if that can realy happens? i wonder… but wait, there might be people that like that already. remember the past MB of Selangor and now the wife of TPM?

anyway, Brad pulled another commendable performance with this one. he plays a man who came to the world as a 70 year old man (boy) and ages backward.

his biological father couldn’t accept him and thus sent him to away like trash, but his choice of place was serendipity for Benjamin. first, it was given to one good hearted black lady who accepted him like a God given gift, and another, she works at an old people home! what a place to be for and old boy. he fit right in.

and he met with the love of his life, Cate Blanchett, who plays the character Daisy. is is me, or does Catering looked young? i thought that she’s old and matured looking in real life but she managed to look youthful in this movie.

they got separated for a while, but when they met again midway (as what Daisy said), they really hit it off. they had a passionate love afair together.

now we gleaned all these stories from his own writing in his memoir that he left for his daughter. played by Julia Ormond. she had to find out that his real father is Benjamin that way. it was sad on how he left her. he had to leave her. because he was getting younger by the day, he had to leave before she remembers him. that was a sad moment.

it was interesting to follow Ben’s adventure. he had live his life to the fullest. where most people grow older and would not have the opportunity to enjoy life when they got older, it’s the other way around for Ben.

it was also sad to learn of his black mother’s death. she loved him like her own. and she never question why Ben was like that. she just accept him and him the best that she can offer. that is the attitude that we need to adopt. let not question what God has done and given. we just do what we can. we are not long in this world. let’s be kind to everyone.

Tender site visit

Today spent most part of the day to attend the tender site visit for the Bus Ticketing Sy*tem. went to 4 sites of the rapid bus system.

worried through most of those time with something else on my mind. wonder when it would go away. going to take a while, I guess that one.

here’s the picture of the thing that we are going to change.

Minor Operation

I had this growth on my elbow for a long long time. i can’t pinpoint the year that it started. it’s just there for long time. more than 10 years perhaps.

So I decided to get rid of it. it is unsightly, sometimes a bit painful/warm and made it hard for me to do plank. what triggered me was when I met an acupuncturist a while ago, who found out that it messed up with the related meridian line.

I never like it needles and scalpel touch my body but I decided bite the bullet and finish with it. it was not painful after while. I even noded off sometimes during the procedure. it took more than one hour to get it out.

It looks like meat and the doctor don’t really knows what it is. So he’s sending it to the lab to determine what it is. I hope that it turns out benign.

I hope that it would heal in a week time. obviously I can’t do rigorous workout during this time.