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Wall-E January 30, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 4:29 am

managed to check out what’s the hype with Wall-E movie. one of the greatest movie that Disney has come up with.

Wall-E has the task as the cleaner of the earth after everyone left because the world has become inhabitable.

but for a robot, he had developed a feeling of loneliness. wonder how that could happened.

and comes another robot by the name of EVE. eve has a task which she has to finished to make sure that human who left will be able to return back. this can happen when she found proof of life on earth. which she did.

she left earth to the spaceship that humans at that time living in.

i shudder the thought that humans have to leave earth because it has become dangerous to live in. but i do like the idea that we don’t have to anything, being a lazy man as i am. but i don’t want to be fat like those in the movie. i do like to keep in shape. if we have to live in a spaceship, at least work the gym, right?


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