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Visit to Singapore January 25, 2009

Filed under: Diary,work — visitor74 @ 11:24 pm

a few days ago, i went to singapore with my customers to check the system that they have. apparently we’ve been told that they have the state of the art system that we are implementing. apparently not so. we are, at the moment is way ahead of them.

never mind that. singapore is not really my kind of place. not many things to do here. and i don’t know where to visit. coz nobody was around to take us places.

but we did go to Lau Pa Sat which means Old Market. it’s not bad. the place has a wide selections of food and there’s entertainment as well.

here’s a pic of me at the Chinatown road. chinese new year is around the corner. and people are buying stuff for the holiday. but with the economy is not looking healthty, people are supposed to be a bit cautious.

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