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Bila Cinta Bertasbih – Book January 19, 2009

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I now seldom have the opportunity to read novels or fiction materials in the form of books. But i do try sometimes. Like the work of John Grisham, I try not to miss.

Another writer that i found myself reading time and again is the indonesian writer Habiburrahman el Shirazy.

I think that he is a good writer. I like how he created the characters in his novel. They seemed to be living in normal life with it’s challenges and joyful moments, but they still keeps to the limit and teachings of Islam. And that is great for me. The novels made me want to be a better man. I now find myself eager to read the Quran and also regain my interest in Kitab Hikam.

The story are in two volumes. I found out almost by accident. Lucky that I did.

The story was about Azzam, a student at al Azhar uni that had to change his profession from a student to a businessman selling tempe and bakso. His father passed away when he was in his first year and he had to become the breadwinner of the family. He has a mother and 3 sisters that depended their living on him. And thus he took 9 years to complete his studies. He managed to complete it after his sister finishes her study and started earning money on her own.

The two books bring us the details of azzam’s life. How he behaves amongst his friends and fellow students. He never complains of the predicaments that he had to go through.

But he also wanted love. In the form of Anna Althafunisa. A woman he barely knew except from an advise of an old man. But it’s not that easy. Her hand has been asked by someone else.

The second book is about how azzam has gone back to Indonesia and how he makes his living. And the story of his neighbours and friends. And his

And his link with Anna Althafunisa was rekindled albeit not so strong because she married someone else. Whom she did not really loves. And that marriage did not went well. And so in the end, Azzam got his girl.

But how the author told the story was very nice. Never did the two lovebirds professed their love to each other openly. Both kept their feelings to each other because of the circumstances forbids it. And because it is not muslim culture to do so openly. But in the end, without they really planning for it, they were made to be with each other. Lovely.

It is nice to know that there good people out there. There are something and a lot of things that we emulate from the characters in the book. There are teachers and there are students. And when students are ready, the teacher will come.

I know that there are more of his books and i’m intend to read them all.

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