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At the end of the game, the King and the Pawn goes into the same box

Narnia Prince Caspian January 18, 2009

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The second installment of the chronicles of Narnia. About siblings that got transported into a different world altogether. No, they’re not complaining. In fact, after they have been transported back to normal life, they have been waiting for the day they are to be called back.

The last movie introduced them to the world of Narnia. They lived over as kings over there and later got transferred back to the real world. Wait a minute, Narnia is also a real world but at a different dimension or different time zone. Because i remembered that they aged at Narnia but when they got transferred back, they were kids again. Now that’s cool. It’s like you live a whole life at Narnia, then go back to this world back as young as you left. The go back to Narnia as kids again. If the kids got any entrepreneurial mind, they could sell this idea off. No need for disneyland to remind you when you’re young…

So the time travels differently at the two worlds. As what Albert Einstein said – time is relative. The concept of time is a complex matter. Sometimes times just fly, sometimes you feels that they’re just standing still. Don’t know bout you, but generally, I believe that time flies. Rapidly most of the time.

anyway, the kids are at it again. They got called to help the Narnians again. Prince Caspian is the rightful king for Narnia but he was denied the throne by his uncle. The story of animals can talk and communicate with humans has long gone. That’s how long the kids have left. It’s like legends to the current community.

But the animals and the humans fight again side by side to fight the baddies.

In the past, there are stories that man can communicate with animals. Don’t have to lok far. In the Quran, Prophet Solomon is gifted with that power. Other than that, it’s all fairy tales. Or is it?

Will there be a time when the animals will disrobe their cloak of seemingly ignorance and starts to show the humans on how to run this planet?

Because for one, the animals leads their life by instints which is given by God. And that means, they are doing what god ntended them to do. But humans with their choices, has their mind controlling them instead of the instints that God gave. So sometimes we go against God’s wishes.

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