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Lions for Lambs January 13, 2009

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another movie about the fighting at arab lands. if only i got a nickel everytime this happens. 

this time played by Tom Cruise, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep.


the title of the films is said to be a derivation of Alexander the Great’s proclamation, ‘I am never afraid of an army of Lions led into battle by a Lamb. I fear more the army of Lambs who have a Lion to lead them’. in a way, saying that brave men are being given the instructions by those that are weak, and sitting in their high back chairs. just giving orders. 


two college students decided to join the army because they want to achieve something. i for one, fail to see how you can do that by entering the army. to me, entering a military institution is like putting your head to the chopping block. unless if you are being driven into it for necessity, for example, your country is being attacked. 


the movie, again is another movie that depicts the afghanistan in a bad picture. like the Taliban is the worst group there is and that they, the American people are the ones that are entrusted to make things right. bah!


i like how Robert played the erudite, no-nonsense professor that tries to instill some sense into one of his students. if only more of our lecturers are like that. i remember my uni days, it’s not like this. the classes are dead boring (bordering on watching paint dries). sometimes the lecturers only read from their notes and we are to copies everything! there are debates in the class. mostly because the environment doesn’t permit that. god forbid if we go against the all-knowing professors!


Merryl plays a reported which got called by the politician, so that he can give push her to put his words into the press. this is so that the public would be accepting to his new ideas on how to win war against terror. the idea is to engage small team into strategic position in the enemy territory and seize control of the location. the idea seems good at the time and at the drawing board but when put into practise, a lot of things might not work according to what you want, right?


i like the concept that three stories happens at once. that the stories are actually interconnected amongst each other. the politician is the one that make the call for the military action to take place. he calls the reporter to get her on his side. then there are the two soldiers who stupid enuff to joins the army and got tanggled into the war in afganistan. and the professor that was their lecturer. he did not approve of them going into battle. 


all in all, not a bad movie, but not a very good one either. it’s again, is American propaganda. 


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