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Anger management January 7, 2009

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 8:00 am

Another movie by the funny guy Adam Sandler. A seemingly normal guy been forced to join an anger management course. The good doctor was played by the Hollywood bad boy, Jack Nicholson.

So there goes the misadventure of the Dave. The woman interest is played by the lovely Marissa Tomei. She’s so comei.

One thing led to another. Crazy things. Some of it is so funny that I had to laugh. The doctor really looks crazy enough to me.

it so happens that all the crazy events was planned to make him learn to control his deep seated rage. Guess he did have some anger inside him.

As i watch the movie, i can’t help but wonder how it is difficult to to communicate with other people. Sometimes the slightest thing would anger someone. And there are others that have a thicker skull. You just have to play it cool. It’s a game where everyone would have to play.

Some people are more angry than others. Wonder what make them like that. Probably because they feel that they are better than others and when they didn’t get what they want from others, that make them mad.

It’s not a bad movie. Quite funny. I hope that we can control our anger. It is not good to lose your cool. No one like an angry people.

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