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You don’t mess with Zohan January 6, 2009

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You don’t mess with the Zohan

Another funny movie by Adam Sandler. After watching him in his movies, you tend to get his brand of humor. On a scale of 1 to 5, i’d put him at 3.5. He’s not that funny anymore, but it doesn’t hurt to watch his comedy. If you can stand him.

This movie is bordering on the sensitive issue of Israeli versus the Palestinian. I guess, his intention was to put the differences in a different surroundings. An attempt at humour. That there are similarities between us as compared to the differences.that both this fighting camps can work together and help each other.

This is particularly more sensitive now with what is hapening at Palestine. My heart weeps at what is happening. And it seems that the world can only watches. And do street demonstration. That’s sometimes is the only thing that normal people can do. Even that is brave already. Better than me that never got involved.

I don’t want to give my suggestion on the solution to the Palestinian problem. It has been going on for too long now and I believe they’ve tried every possible solution in the book. Why it didn’t work out is a mystery altogether.

I hope that things will be better. But i see the future is bleak.

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