managed to check out what’s the hype with Wall-E movie. one of the greatest movie that Disney has come up with.

Wall-E has the task as the cleaner of the earth after everyone left because the world has become inhabitable.

but for a robot, he had developed a feeling of loneliness. wonder how that could happened.

and comes another robot by the name of EVE. eve has a task which she has to finished to make sure that human who left will be able to return back. this can happen when she found proof of life on earth. which she did.

she left earth to the spaceship that humans at that time living in.

i shudder the thought that humans have to leave earth because it has become dangerous to live in. but i do like the idea that we don’t have to anything, being a lazy man as i am. but i don’t want to be fat like those in the movie. i do like to keep in shape. if we have to live in a spaceship, at least work the gym, right?


Parking Lights

Have you seen these? Sunway Pyramid has cool feature installed at their parking bay. To ease you to find the free parking bay, just look for the green light. red light would mean that it’s occupied.

This is cool. I love stuff like this. it helps us mortals to find parking easily. Have you ever looking for parking bay and thought that you found it, but later found a Kancil or a Kenari inside it?

I heard that this was invented by one of the guys inside the Nescafe Kickstart program.

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Happy Chinese New Year

Kali Ni Memang cuti panjang sket. tapi aku x balik Ke Lumut atau Melaka sebab risau nak pegi jejauh sebab adalah installation works still going on kat Brickfields tu… so kali Ni ikut family isteri from Klang and we went to Seremban for the chinese New Year. melepak kat hotel Klana. Dulu dikenali sebagai Allson Klana tapi rasa Dah tukar management tu sebab nama dah lain.

not much that we do. just lepak jer. kalau adalah buat game ke, that would be better. nanti lain kali boleh diutarakan.

gambo kat dalam camera Samsung so i hope that i have the time to upload it later.

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Visit to Singapore

a few days ago, i went to singapore with my customers to check the system that they have. apparently we’ve been told that they have the state of the art system that we are implementing. apparently not so. we are, at the moment is way ahead of them.

never mind that. singapore is not really my kind of place. not many things to do here. and i don’t know where to visit. coz nobody was around to take us places.

but we did go to Lau Pa Sat which means Old Market. it’s not bad. the place has a wide selections of food and there’s entertainment as well.

here’s a pic of me at the Chinatown road. chinese new year is around the corner. and people are buying stuff for the holiday. but with the economy is not looking healthty, people are supposed to be a bit cautious.

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Fuel finished

Inilah dia citer aku. Punyalah bodoh, ingatkan boleh cukup minyak. Dah keluar indicator lama dah. Tapi nak pergi Putrajaya cepat, Aku jalan jugak. Apalah punya oranglah aku ni. Dah tersangkut kat NPE sebelum sampai office. terpaksa call Yat untuk selamatkan aku.

Lepas tu kena kutuk la aku. Memang silap aku pun. buduh buduh.

Rupanya kalau kat highway tu, akan adalah orang akan datang selamatkan. Peronda highway akan datang sebab dia akan nampak through CCTV. Jadi aku diselamatkan jugak oleh department ni. Memang baguih tul. kalau takat Yat jer, dia cuma bawak minyak jer. tapi kalau kereta automatic ni, dia akan tak boleh start sendiri Lepas tu… kena pakai jumpers baru boleh jalan balik.

lain kali jangan buat lagi. keje giler.

ni gambo kereta Peronda kalau tersangkut kat sana boleh call dorang.

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Bila Cinta Bertasbih – Book

I now seldom have the opportunity to read novels or fiction materials in the form of books. But i do try sometimes. Like the work of John Grisham, I try not to miss.

Another writer that i found myself reading time and again is the indonesian writer Habiburrahman el Shirazy.

I think that he is a good writer. I like how he created the characters in his novel. They seemed to be living in normal life with it’s challenges and joyful moments, but they still keeps to the limit and teachings of Islam. And that is great for me. The novels made me want to be a better man. I now find myself eager to read the Quran and also regain my interest in Kitab Hikam.

The story are in two volumes. I found out almost by accident. Lucky that I did.

The story was about Azzam, a student at al Azhar uni that had to change his profession from a student to a businessman selling tempe and bakso. His father passed away when he was in his first year and he had to become the breadwinner of the family. He has a mother and 3 sisters that depended their living on him. And thus he took 9 years to complete his studies. He managed to complete it after his sister finishes her study and started earning money on her own.

The two books bring us the details of azzam’s life. How he behaves amongst his friends and fellow students. He never complains of the predicaments that he had to go through.

But he also wanted love. In the form of Anna Althafunisa. A woman he barely knew except from an advise of an old man. But it’s not that easy. Her hand has been asked by someone else.

The second book is about how azzam has gone back to Indonesia and how he makes his living. And the story of his neighbours and friends. And his

And his link with Anna Althafunisa was rekindled albeit not so strong because she married someone else. Whom she did not really loves. And that marriage did not went well. And so in the end, Azzam got his girl.

But how the author told the story was very nice. Never did the two lovebirds professed their love to each other openly. Both kept their feelings to each other because of the circumstances forbids it. And because it is not muslim culture to do so openly. But in the end, without they really planning for it, they were made to be with each other. Lovely.

It is nice to know that there good people out there. There are something and a lot of things that we emulate from the characters in the book. There are teachers and there are students. And when students are ready, the teacher will come.

I know that there are more of his books and i’m intend to read them all.

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Narnia Prince Caspian

The second installment of the chronicles of Narnia. About siblings that got transported into a different world altogether. No, they’re not complaining. In fact, after they have been transported back to normal life, they have been waiting for the day they are to be called back.

The last movie introduced them to the world of Narnia. They lived over as kings over there and later got transferred back to the real world. Wait a minute, Narnia is also a real world but at a different dimension or different time zone. Because i remembered that they aged at Narnia but when they got transferred back, they were kids again. Now that’s cool. It’s like you live a whole life at Narnia, then go back to this world back as young as you left. The go back to Narnia as kids again. If the kids got any entrepreneurial mind, they could sell this idea off. No need for disneyland to remind you when you’re young…

So the time travels differently at the two worlds. As what Albert Einstein said – time is relative. The concept of time is a complex matter. Sometimes times just fly, sometimes you feels that they’re just standing still. Don’t know bout you, but generally, I believe that time flies. Rapidly most of the time.

anyway, the kids are at it again. They got called to help the Narnians again. Prince Caspian is the rightful king for Narnia but he was denied the throne by his uncle. The story of animals can talk and communicate with humans has long gone. That’s how long the kids have left. It’s like legends to the current community.

But the animals and the humans fight again side by side to fight the baddies.

In the past, there are stories that man can communicate with animals. Don’t have to lok far. In the Quran, Prophet Solomon is gifted with that power. Other than that, it’s all fairy tales. Or is it?

Will there be a time when the animals will disrobe their cloak of seemingly ignorance and starts to show the humans on how to run this planet?

Because for one, the animals leads their life by instints which is given by God. And that means, they are doing what god ntended them to do. But humans with their choices, has their mind controlling them instead of the instints that God gave. So sometimes we go against God’s wishes.

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