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Forgetting sarah marshal December 8, 2008

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 10:43 am

A movie musician who is also a bum in his own right, but blessed with a beautiful girlfriend thought that he had it made. He’s successful, and a beautiful actress as a girlfriend, the sex is nice as far as he knows…

Until she decided to dump him. For a hippie. A famous hippie though. He’s a famous musician but a sex maniac hippie nonetheless.

That totally crashed his life. He wallowed. Never left his pad for weeks. Nothing that his friend does can get him out. Lastly, they managed to coax him to go for a holiday in hawaii. And he went over there and guess who’s also over there? His girlfriend Sarah! Oh that can’t be good. Now it looks like he’s stalking her. Which is what he did eventually because he can’t let her out of his mind.

But luckily, help in the form of a beautiful front desk personnel of the hotel appears. She’s gorgeous. I remembered her playing the dumb girl in ‘That 70s Show’.

She managed to stole his heart and he began to compare her with Sarah. she looks like the real deal here. They hit it off. I wonder whether things like this happens in al life. I mean, how many potential men in needs that the front desk girl would meet? Whether any of those men would make a pass at her? And whether she would respond? Don’t you think that a girl like that would have a barrier up for guys like this? Nevermind…

So he finds that he can now starts forgetting Sarah now. Hence, the name of the movie.

But the new man in Sarah’s life is a total dick… She soon grows tired of her and suddenly Sarah realized that she made the wrong judgment on the guy and she wanted back with our hero. Oh oh, a conundrum here for our man….

But in the end, the right girl wins.

Hawaii looks nice, as always. It’s been portrayed as heaven on earth. I wonder whether I would have the chance to go there. Seriously I don’t remember any Malaysian going oer there. Unless if they go in secret. The place seems like a place that you wouldn’t want anybody else to find out that you went there…..

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