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Definitely, Maybe December 8, 2008

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 10:13 am

A fun story staring Ryan Reynolds as the father. He has a daughter which is coming of age and wondering where she came from and who’s her mother. Other notable star is Rachel Weisz. She plays one of the three lovers of the main character.

Will came to New York to be a political consultant, leaving behind his college sweetheart behind. Though promising to never forget her but with all long distance relationship, it tends to die out. Why does people think that they can have a long distance relationship going on?

At the campaign trail, he met another interesting girl which caught his attention. They hit it off immediately but never as a lover.

Then he met with Rachel who is a carefree intelligent girl. She was a writer, who eventually had to write a piece on his boss which is damaging. That’s a deal-breaker for both of them.

She was explaining all these girls to his adorable daughter who was pushing him to choose which one of these three girls is his true love….

Well, you got to watch the movie to find it out.

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