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Reign of Fire November 25, 2008

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Reign of fire

When a movie starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaha is on, i thought that it would be a good one. But i’m a bit dissapointed. Maybe because the topic of the movie is about dragons in real, current life and it is too far fetch for me to believe.

Somehow a dragon got awaken from a deep slumber in modern life and breed to multiply. They, being big and all, killed most of the human being to the extend that human are the endangered species. There are colonies of human that lives far apart and in fear of the dragons. They just live to survive and when the dragons sweeps by, they cowered in fear.

But a batalion of men came, like an army, headed by a fearless american. They don’t want to be hiding anymore. They want to fight back. And thus they asked the help of the colony that lives in fear. So there was management issues here. Should they risk their life to fight the dragons, or continue to survive in fear?

Eventually the fighting colony wins and they went over to the dragons colony to kill the male dragon. There are only one male and if they kill it, they will kill the line of dragons. So they have to go to the lair of the dragon.

I don’t really watch it with gusto. The story is too far fetch in the first place. this is like the movie godzilla that the japanese invented.

I guess the director one day, while looking for a topic to make his movie, came across a picture of dragon and walla! Dragon in real life… Bah! Gimme a break.

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