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Batman begins November 17, 2008

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I skipped this movie when it came out. I still wonder how that could happen. It’s such a great movie. But maybe the previous Batman movies were a joke. I may have resolved that it would be a total waste of time for me to watch it. But after watching Dark Knight, I had to go out looking for it. And boy oh boy, was I’m in for a surprise….

Great cast.

I like the fighting scenes. Especially how Bruce trained himself. It’s more believeable. Now you know why batman is so good at fighting. Smooth…

And you know why he uses bat as his symbol. It’s his biggest fear and he conquered it. And I like how he used the bats to his advantage when rescues his girl… Err, it that from the latter movie? Sorry if I made a mistake.

And it’s more believeable on how he got all the cool gadgets. It’s hard to believe before that his butler made those stuff. Now he has a butler who manages his personal things and morgan freeman to take care of his toys. Sweet.

The love interest. Mrs Tom Cruise plays a hardball lawyer who’s bent on fixing the world. Though everything is going against her, but she still go at it. And to worry about Bruce some more. He was really a wreck before he sober up.

I particularly liked it when the heroin knows that the hero is actually his man. This happens in superman and also with spiderman.

I really really hope that they will consider to add more installments of the same kind movie for Batman.

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