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Baby Mama November 17, 2008

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Baby Mama

A good movie played by the beautiful Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. It’s about Kate played by tina who has passed her birthing age and later found out that she had a very slim chance of having a baby of her own. because adopting a baby is not that easy because she’s single, she decided to do the next best thing: getting a surrogate mother.

So that means she match her eggs with whoever guy’s sperm she bought from the sperm bank and put it inside a woman which in this case Angie played by Amy.

But angie had guy trouble and head to Kate’s to live with her. Thus bonding them together though they had a rough start. Angie is a carefree kind of girl while Kate is a corporate woman. You know how it gets. They’re from two different world.

But later it was found that angie did not get pregnant with Kate’s egg but actually with her good-for-nothing boyfriend. This broke the girls bond and they went separate ways.

Meanwhile during this brouhaha Kate found a love interest with a guy that runs a fruit drink shop. God, I wish i have that kind of shop. Later, though Kate had a very low chance of getting pregnant, she did and all’s well.

Tina Fey is exceptionally beautiful in her own way. Not a blonde bombshell way but an intelligent woman way. She wore spectacle that give an aura of intelligence to her. And the scripts they got was great. Lots of funny moments.

I understand how a woman would feel when their clock is ticking. Generally a woman would have a maternal instinct and want to have a baby of their own. Can’t blame them. Even i have the same need to have a baby of my own. Maybe it’s how cute they are, or the way they smell, or the general feeling that this little thing is in the world because of you and he loves you and vice versa. You can’t put the feeling in words.

But how a woman can become a surrogate mother is beyond me. Having a living being inside for 9 months would bond you to the foetus and to give it back to another would sucks. Big time.

I never hear it takes place in malaysia and i hope that it never will. I see potential bad things to happen if it is so. The emotional burst and the legal proceedings would be a bummer.

May those that can be good mother,be given the chance to do so. Amin.

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