Persiapan Kenduri

Hari ni tugasan menjemput org kampung. mulanya malas aku nak buat sb rasa cam org kampung akan tanya banyak pasal aku. tp aku rasa dorang x heran pun.

rumah pun dlm proses repair. kalau dulu panas gila sbb direct atap zink, tp sekarang bila letak asbestos ni harap better. x panas lagi.

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Balik Kampung

Balik kampung. it’s good to be home. the last time balik kampung masa Raya aritu. raya haji nanti x tau bleh balik ke tidak. nanti nak ada tender besar nak kena buat mid Dec nanti.

balik ni penting sbb adik bongsu aku nak kawin x lama lagi. jd nak kena tolong sbb adik beradik yg lain mungkin ada masalah nak tolong byk. dr segi kewangan atau lain lain sbb ada lg komitmen lain. aku yg xde anak dan gaji besar ni kena step to the plate.

ayah nampak cam sihat sikit. xde teruk sgt. aritu kak lela called ngadu nampak ayah teruk sgt kesihatan dia. ayah plak bukan nak pegi hospital. harap ayah boleh jaga kesihatan dia.

it’s good to be home. tp aku xleh lama kat sini.

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Dan in Real Life

Dan in real life

i’m a huge fan of the ‘Office’ (American) series and so when there’s a movie starring Steve Carrel, I had to check it out. And the heroin is played by the lady who starred in the movie ‘chocolate’, so it should be interesting.

And I was not dissapointed. The movie was great! Funny and touching at the same time.

It’s a love comedy genre. Dan lost his wife a few years ago and he’s left with three girls. Three girls? It’s hard enuff to take care of one, let alone three without the help of the missus. Dan writes in a successful column. Sort of like blogging, but on paper. In a few short years, kids won’t know what newspaper is.

Anyway, he’s not really looking for replacement. Get this. He said that because he won a lottery with his late wife and that it would be selfish to win another… Hmmm heart warming.

But when he visited his family for the annual gathering, he accidentally met and hit it off with a girl at a bookshop. He can’t stopped talking with the girl, which is a good sign. They had to part ways and he was head over heal with her. And really considering giving her a call when suddenly, she came to house….

… as his brother’s girlfriend. Now if that doesn’t break a man’s heart, i don’t what would.

So for the next few days, Dan had to play it cool and tried to handle the situation the best he could. There was definitely sparks between them but he can’t betray his brother. They decided that they will not get involved.

But Dan can’t keep his end of the bargain. He bumped into he looked forlonly to her and sang a song to her indirectly and that melt her heart. She decided to leave his brother.

But she didn’t went too far. Called him up from the bowling alley and they got together. They were enjoying their time when suddenly the family dropped by and they were caught red handed! I had to pause the video for this because i really got affected by it… He he. It’s almost like being caught with your pants down!

Everyone were shocked by it. The brother gave him a slug to the chin. His children hated him (initially) and Dan didn’t know what to do.

But the family later understand how he feels and urged him to find his love. And he looked for her at the city and all’s well.

You got to see it to feel the moments. It’s a funny and romantic at the same time. Love finds you whether you like it not. And love is trully blind. You can’t forced it out of the system. It would engulfed you. At the end “the mind will understand tomorrow what you heart knows today”

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Reign of Fire

Reign of fire

When a movie starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaha is on, i thought that it would be a good one. But i’m a bit dissapointed. Maybe because the topic of the movie is about dragons in real, current life and it is too far fetch for me to believe.

Somehow a dragon got awaken from a deep slumber in modern life and breed to multiply. They, being big and all, killed most of the human being to the extend that human are the endangered species. There are colonies of human that lives far apart and in fear of the dragons. They just live to survive and when the dragons sweeps by, they cowered in fear.

But a batalion of men came, like an army, headed by a fearless american. They don’t want to be hiding anymore. They want to fight back. And thus they asked the help of the colony that lives in fear. So there was management issues here. Should they risk their life to fight the dragons, or continue to survive in fear?

Eventually the fighting colony wins and they went over to the dragons colony to kill the male dragon. There are only one male and if they kill it, they will kill the line of dragons. So they have to go to the lair of the dragon.

I don’t really watch it with gusto. The story is too far fetch in the first place. this is like the movie godzilla that the japanese invented.

I guess the director one day, while looking for a topic to make his movie, came across a picture of dragon and walla! Dragon in real life… Bah! Gimme a break.

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Passport baru

aku bukan selalu keluar negara pun. adalah kot aku guna passport lama dalam empat lima kali. tapi kenalah gak renew sbb kalau diperlukan emergency memana ke? dan lagipun aku ada plan nak keluar negeri x lama lagi.

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Batman begins

I skipped this movie when it came out. I still wonder how that could happen. It’s such a great movie. But maybe the previous Batman movies were a joke. I may have resolved that it would be a total waste of time for me to watch it. But after watching Dark Knight, I had to go out looking for it. And boy oh boy, was I’m in for a surprise….

Great cast.

I like the fighting scenes. Especially how Bruce trained himself. It’s more believeable. Now you know why batman is so good at fighting. Smooth…

And you know why he uses bat as his symbol. It’s his biggest fear and he conquered it. And I like how he used the bats to his advantage when rescues his girl… Err, it that from the latter movie? Sorry if I made a mistake.

And it’s more believeable on how he got all the cool gadgets. It’s hard to believe before that his butler made those stuff. Now he has a butler who manages his personal things and morgan freeman to take care of his toys. Sweet.

The love interest. Mrs Tom Cruise plays a hardball lawyer who’s bent on fixing the world. Though everything is going against her, but she still go at it. And to worry about Bruce some more. He was really a wreck before he sober up.

I particularly liked it when the heroin knows that the hero is actually his man. This happens in superman and also with spiderman.

I really really hope that they will consider to add more installments of the same kind movie for Batman.

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