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Dark Knight October 6, 2008

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Dark Knight

Oh my God, oh my God, could this film be any better? I’ve tried to watch this movie at the cinema for 3 consecutive weekend but didn’t managed to do so. (it has been a while, I just don’t have time to review this). I’ve heard and read the good reviews about this movie. But I didn’t thought it would be this good. Heath Ledger is the hero of the movie. He might not be the real hero, but he might as well. With his morbid portrayal of the joker, you wish that you’re not in his bad book. Or that you don’t have something that he wants.

This Batman movie is far cry from the previous ones (i haven’t watched Batman Begins, so this is about the previous ones). The earlier once were kids stuff. A joke to watch. The villain doesn’t look real. The batman was was not that cool, etc.

The Joker in this movie is the real thing. It’s almost like a real person would be, albeit a crazy, hell bent one. It’s almost doable (if were have enough traumatized person during his childhood).

The Joker is a man with a mission. And money wasn’t it. He has the brain of a masterplanner. Sun Tzu of the underworld. In one of the scenes, he already planted bomb inside his underling’s belly in the form of a mobile phone for the planned getaway. Cool…

It’s a pity that Heath killed himself. Or was it overdose? Anyway he left us. The timing couldn’t be worst. Wonder why he took his life just when he finished this movie. Not sure why. He could have been a big actor.

i really hope that there will be more movies heading this way from Batman’s maker. I’m off to look for Batman Begins now….

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