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27 dresses August 6, 2008

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27 dresses

Another wedding movie. I don’t think that this theme will ever stop. The western society portrayed the importance of marriage ceremony via hollywood. That the wedding needs to be perfect, detailed and usually cost of money. The father of the bride usually in a mess, what with giving away his daughter to god-knows-who, and to pay for all the useless trappings that the bride wants. There’s so many elements in it that the directors and producers can pick one element and expand the details. Like the preparation for the wedding, love tangles between the would be bride, the father, mother etc.

And so this movie is about the bridesmaid played by katherine heigl from the famed Grey’s anatomy.

She had 27 bridemaid’s dresses. Bridesmaid dresses usually happens to be hideous so that it won’t outshine the bride. She likes to be a bridesmaid (she believed that it’s her calling in life) and sheliked her friends. To the extent that she did not managed to work yet on her wedding.

She liked her boss but when she wanted to make her move, here comes her sister who swept him off his feet.

Then come the hero of the movie. A wedding reporter whom she likes to read but don’t actually know who he is. He saw her in some of the weddings and she caught his eye. Their love didn’t really take off because she was eyeing on someone else.

But as the story progresses, she managed to find her true love.

Hmm, nothing really interesting really. But I like katherine heigl.

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