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Hancock July 26, 2008

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A movie played by Will Smith. I can’t remember any film that he starred that I don’t like. This guy like have a magical touch to himself.

It started with him beinga superhero but totally different attitude to what you expect from a superhero or any other superheros that you’ve seen before. So that’s kinda a nice touch. A departure from normality.

And then we saved this guy and they have a connection. And right there, you can see that the guy’s wife played by charlize theron, has some vibes with Hancock. And it makes you wonder.

After the story progressed you got to know to know that they really knew each other for a few hundred of years and that hancock has lost his memory and that’s why he didn’t recognized her. But still, there was this connection that they felt because they were lovers before. They are actually a bred of aliens that has superpower but when they find a couple with the same power, they would lose the power and eventually dies….

Will smith always is a good actor. It makes me wonder whether there are aliens like that in this world. That lives among us with secret identity.

By the way, do you know where the aliens and the ufo comes from? That’s another posting altogether.

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