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Movie Jumper July 24, 2008

Filed under: Movies — visitor74 @ 8:13 pm

Jumper is the the movie where the actor who played anakin skywalker plays the guy who can travel anywhere he wants. interesting movie.

One of the power that I would like to have is transportation. Or teleport, beam-me-up scotty kinda thing. I harbor this feeling ever since this possibility was portrayed in Star Trek series (no, I’m not a trekker, it’s just a passing fad for me). The feeling continues still as we go through life in KL when we have fight traffic jam most of the time. And i hate long distance driving. I have weak bladder.

And i don’t have the money to visit all the interesting places all over the world.

Is this humanly possible? There are stories of pious people that defies the natural law of time and space. Like traveling from malaysia and mecca in a blink of an eye, travel to the past, being more place at one time and numerous others.

We might not be able to do these things but there are those that can in real life.

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